Yoshinao (ヨシナオ, Yoshinao) is the current-ruling king of Musashi and the vice principal of Musashi Ariadust Academy dispatched from Hexagone Française. Holds the right to veto the Academy as well as the authority of the management of Musashi.

Although not a particularly bad person, as he carries out his duty as king of Musashi with iron fist and a very strong sense of responsibility he has become an easy target for Class 3-Plum members jokes.


Yoshinao looks like a king coming straight from a French card deck. His hairstyle consists in a drill hair through side to side behind his head and sports an extravagant imperial mostauche with a matching goatee.

He's described as a middle-aged man dressed in white-tights and a significantly extra large jacket decorated with gold and a crown perched on top of his head. Around his right arm fastened an armband bearing the emblem of Testament Union with embroidered words, "Musashi King and Vice Principal". Usually walks with a cane to show his social position.


Yoshinao thinks of himself as "The Director of Peace and Order" because without his approval, administration and management in Musashi wouldn't function properly as the Musashi King has a power over the Chancellor's Board Student Council and rights over Musashi. He's a bit upset that even so, no one gives him even a tiny bit of respect. Even if he's usually grumbles about how Far Easterners are disrepectful and cold, he's a devoted king really concerned about his vassals happiness and wishes even in Musashi, aiding his subjects always he can.

He uses maro (麻呂, archaic Japanese word for "I") to denote himself. Because of this, Toori Aoi often makes fun of him, probably because maro is also used as a suffix to affectionately call one's pet, and because of his short temper.


Yoshinao was the feudal lord of a small dominion between Hexagone Française and Tres España, but he was deprived of his own territory by the Testament Union as his ability was recognized by his locals, so he was "chosen" by the Union to become Musashi King, in order to circumvent political and military suppression to supervise Musashi's administration and management instead. In other words, he was forced to leave his domain and vassals in order to protect his land and people, as the Testament Union threatened him to destroy his domain. As the lord surrendered to the Testament Union in exchange for peace, the people did not fight against the decision, so the lord left alone.

Yoshinao admits that he loathed being reassigned into Musashi, but he has started to accept his fate, especially with people like Adele who still love her homeland despite living in a place faraway from home.


  • "Maro" is translated into English as "Ic", which is the Old English counterpart of "I". In other translations, "maro" is instead replaced by "we" and its other forms.