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An Unicorn.

Unicorns (ユニコーン, Yunikōn) also known as One-horned Beasts (一角獣, Ikkakujū) are a race of legendary horses with a horn on their foreheads as the mythical creature of the same name. A beast that lives in the forests of Hexagone Française. Likes women and only permit virgin girls to mount on them. After the fall of the Harmonic Divine States, Unicorns adapted their bodies by reducing the amount of information on them and acquiring a new smaller form. They always end their phrases with the copula "~desuuun" (~ですーーン) or just "-n"(―ン).


A beast race genus that can get to a size of 2m residing in Hexagone Française territories. During the fall of the Harmonic Divine States they had to protect themselves from the ether disturbances by reducing the information on their bodies. Due to this, their food consumption is also smaller, being lighter and profitable. Their appareances right now however are not really close to that of the common image of a Unicorn, with a round body like a potato, wiry legs and a horn like a daikon radish.

They only permit girls to mount on them, and more specifically nothing but virgins. In fact, Unicorns really like women and are very frank about it.