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Sviet Rus' (上越露西亜; スヴィエートルーシ; Свет Русь) is the Harmonic Divine State ruled by Russia which took the name of the Uesugi clan. It is located in the Hokuriku region. J.M.K. is the main academic institution.

Ruled by the Uesugi Clan + Sviet Russia. Located in Hokuriku; not much is known about the country as of writing. Much of the land was devastated when the Harmonic Divine States fell onto it. Between that and a sudden change of climate to tundra, living there is quite harsh. The primary educational institute is the J.M.K.

To emphasize its neutrality, the uniform is white in color and takes direct inspiration from Russian fur coats and hats. To ensure a tight fit, the gloves are composed of many parts; anchors are installed on the soles of the shoes, for skiing and combat use. While similar to other schools’ designs, the inner suit of the girl’s uniform is its main component, so it has much more insulation, even more than the boy’s uniform.

This Harmonic Divine State has custody of the Armor of Deadly Sins, Maska Orgē (Flash of Anger), with its official owner being Marfa Boretskaya. The Second Testament, “Spes” (Hope), is also granted to them.

Noted Characters[edit | edit source]

J.M.K[edit | edit source]

  • Chancellor's Board and Student Council
    • Chancellor: Uesugi Kagekatsu
    • Vice-Chancellor and Vice President: Naoe Kanetsugu
    • 1st Special Duty: Saito Tomonobu
    • 3rd Special Duty: Honjou Shigenaga

Other Noted Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Marfa Boretskaya, Mayor of Novgorod
  • Toby
  • Fujiwara no Yasuhira
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