A student (学生, Gakusei) can be defined as "a citizen of the Far East or a Harmonic Divine State that is currently enrolled in an academy". Students have the privilege of participating in politics and is also part of a territory's military. Currently, a majority of a country's inhabitants are students, with the exception of the Far East, which has an age restriction on the enrollment of a student as part of the Testament Union's provisional rule on the country.

Admission[edit | edit source]

Citizens of a country can be admitted into an academy as early as elementary school. If the admission is successful, he or she would continue her studies up to college. The curriculum on the three levels of education may vary based on the academy's style of teaching as long as those changes are allowed by the Testament Union.

The curriculum used on teaching students are composed on the typical subjects found in a traditional school: among those subjects are history, physical education, etc. There are also subjects that focus more on the development of abilities like Alchemy and Information Gathering.

Graduation[edit | edit source]

The concept of graduation is exclusive only to Musashi Ariadust Academy, which represents the Far East as its primary academy. According to rules set by the Testament Union, students whose age is beyond 18 years is considered to be "graduated", stripping the student of its political power and military influence. Graduates may join Musashi's Provisional Council to act as advisers to the students, or become part of the Musashi as its workforce.

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