Kookaidoori l
Remorse Way (後悔通り, Koukai Doori) is the popular name for a central road located in the starboard side of the Okutama. It is famous for being the location where Lord Motonobu Matsudaira's daughter Horizon Ariadust was killed in an accident in the year 1638 TE.


Before the road became known as Remorse Way, it is considered as one of the main roads leading to Musashi Ariadust Academy, with a similar road available on the port side.

In April 20 of the year 1638 TE, Horizon Ariadust suffered fatal injuries from being run over by a carriage. At this time, Toori Aoi, her friend, was with her, and he was one of many witnesses to the incident. After Horizon's death, a marker commemorating her death was erected on the spot where she died. During the ten years that followed, the road underwent renovation, with several trees planted near the area, turning the place into a forestside road of sorts, while the marker remains standing.

Meanwhile, Toori, who was among those who are most affected by Horizon's death, developed a fear of entering Remorse Way.


  • The name "Remorse Way" in Japanese can also be a play on the phrase "Toori's regret" (トーリの後悔, Toori no Koukai), which reflects Toori's feelings after the incident, which he blames to himself.