Nenji (ネンジ, Nenji) is a student of Musashi Ariadust Academy, belonging to Class 3-Plum. He is simply described as a "slime with around 3 HP" and is noted for trying to act brave and chivalrous only to get squashed under someone's foot.


Befitting his one-line description, Nenji is a slime made out of a mysterious pink liquid. His only recognizable features are a pair of simple eyes and a pair of eyebrows, which allow him to express his feelings despite not having a discernable mouth. Nenji, however, can actually speak in spite of this, and has a deep voice that seems inappropriate for his appearance.


Nenji's fragile form doesn't stop him from acting heroic most of the time. He often acts when someone needs his help, but he often ends up getting stepped on in the process. Fortunately, he can reform himself again.

Profile translation source: [1]


  • High Tolerance to Injury - Although he has little to no defense to keep himself from being crushed by others, he is seemingly immortal, able to return to his normal shape when he "loses his hit points".
  • Shapeshifting - Nenji can allow himself to change shape into anything he wishes; he once used his ability to turn into a hand and, while connected to Nate's Argenteés Chaînes, grabs Toori and Horizon to safety.


  • Nenji's design is similar to a Poring, a monster from the online game Ragnarök Online.