Mitsuki Sanyou (三要・光紀, Sanyou Mitsuki) is the homeroom teacher of Class 3-Bamboo, and Makiko Oriotorai’s junior. She admires Makiko so much, and she tries to challenge herself in teaching to be like her. Her class is right next to 3-Plum, so they usually get caught up in the mayhem.


Mitsuki is a young-looking woman with dark brown eyes and dark-colored shoulder-length hair which is held into place with a red hairclip. Her outfit consists of a loose white robe with a brown vest, a chocolate brown skirt open at the middle, and brown leggings.


Compared to Makiko who is outgoing and always cheerful, Mitsuki has a more gentle personality, and often displays a more timid behavior between the two.

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