Miriam Poqou (ミリアム・ポークゥ, Miriamu Pokuu) is a student of Musashi Ariadust Academy. She is confined to a wheelchair and thus, conducts studies in her boarding room at the school's dormitory. Has a strong character, is very tactless, and will say anything that comes to her mind. However, she has very gentle eyes.

Azuma becomes her roommate, and they are later joined by a mysterious ghost girl, which they eventually take care of together.

Profile translation source: [1]


Miriam is a girl with blond hair styled into a loose ponytail and blue eyes. Unlike most of the students of Musashi Ariadust Academy, her uniform is heavily modified from the original design. She does not wear a bodysuit, the basic component of a student's uniform, and only wears the top part of the original uniform; her bottom garment resembles a closed skirt. She also drapes a black haori over her clothes.

Because of her condition, she is always seen on a wheelchair with a futuristic design.


  • The facts behind her unusual surname has not been revealed. Her surname can be reversed to form "nobod", but she stated that her surname is not supposed to mean "nobody".