Λύπη Κατάθλιψη
Lypē Katathlipsē
Lype katathlipse

Mortal Sin Armament of "Sloth"

Name in Japanese 悲嘆の怠惰
Romaji Translation Hitan no Taida

lit. "Sorrowful Idleness"

Debut (Light Novel) Volume 1A
Debut (Anime) Episode 05: Graduates Under the Moon
Appears in Light Novels, Anime
Weapon Type Offensive Weapon
Mortal Sin Armament
Normal Drive Ability "Slicing" of objects reflected on its blade
Hyper Drive Ability Long-ranged version of Normal Drive ability, utilizing multiple 'slices' to form a 'shaving' effect
Current Owner Horizon Ariadust
Status Active

The Lypē Katathlipsē (Greek: Λύπη Κατάθλιψη; Japanese: 悲嘆の怠惰, Hitan no Taida, lit., "Sorrowful Idleness") is the Mortal Sin Armament which symbolizes "sloth" and the vessel of the emotion of "despair". It was originally assigned to Muneshige Tachibana of Tres España and is currently in the possession of Horizon Ariadust of Musashi.


The Lypē Katathlipsē comes in the form of a large peculiar-looking weapon which resembles a club with a sharp hook-like reverse edge. Unlike a traditional sword, the Lypē Katathlipsē's handle is attached perpendicular to the blade and, because of this, is often carried like a rifle than a sword. It is thus referred to as a gun-blade, though it does not display any gun properties beyond its Hyper Drive. Aside from its unusual shape, the Lypē Katathlipsē, like its fellow Mortal Sin Armaments, also has black details with decorative cracks on the blade portion.


Normal Drive AbilityEdit

Lypē Katathlipsē's Normal Drive ability is based on the Divine Weapon Tonbokiri, which has the power of severing anything (tangible objects and concepts alike) whose image is reflected on its spearhead. In the case of the Lypē Katathlipsē, the effective area of the severing ability is vastly increased by the shape of the blade, allowing this ability to be used with a greater chance of success than the Tonbokiri. Whether it replicates Tonbokiri's ability of severing names is unknown.

Hyper Drive AbilityEdit

Upon activation of the Lypē Katathlipsē's Hyper Drive, the Mortal Sin Armament is held backwards under its user's arms and transforms into a ranged weapon with a special energy attachment that resembles the barrel of a sniper rifle. While in this form, the wielder can make use of an expanded multiplied version of its Normal Drive, firing off a thin path-setting beam at first, before unleashing a massive black energy beam composed of swirling black claws that multiply the 'slices' and thus 'shaves' away the existence of anything in its designated path of 2 kilometres. Though powerful, this beam can be opposed and blocked, with much difficulty.

Soul Activation by P-01s , as well as the acceptance of ether from Aoi' s ability, increases the power of its Hyper Drive, transforming the initially purple-black energy beam into a gold version, retaining the shredding black claws. Gaining additional ether from the simultaneous Soul Activation of fellow Mortal Sin Armament Aspida Phylargia, its Hyper Drive reaches a third level of power, turning into a even more massive golden rainbow beam, being able to utterly destroy one of the San Martin ships despite being heavily opposed by the combined forces of Tres España, during the Spanish Armada Battle.

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