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In the very distant future, war has left the inhabitants of Earth incapable of proceeding any further towards their goal of advancing their civilization. They are forced to return to an Earth much different than what it was in the past, now uninhabitable except for an archipelago which would later be called the Divine States. Using this land as a stepping stone, an initiative to retrace the steps of history was begun.

A certain event during the process of history recreation caused the destruction of the Harmonic Divine States, which was constructed to house the people who lived alongside the inhabitants of the Divine States. A war erupted between these two sides, and in its aftermath, the Divine States was stripped of its power and its land divided among the people of the Harmonic Divine States. The Divine States flourished as the Far East.

History recreation continues, and in the year 1648, the guide of the people in history recreation, the mysterious Testament, suddenly ceased to function. As rumors of the apocalypse began to spread throughout the Divine States, the people of the Far East, now led by a seemingly useless boy named Toori Aoi, comes to a decision that would put the Far East in the mercy of war.

Follow the story of Toori Aoi in his adventures as he retrieve the pieces of Horizon Ariadust's soul amidst the challenges that await him in a world that follows the steps of history!

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