Kazuno (鹿角, Kazuno) is an automaton who works for the Honda family in Mikawa. She handles the daily needs of both Tadakatsu Honda and his daughter Futayo, and also serves as Futayo’s fighting instructor. Not only are both the cooking and sword skills of Tadakatsu’s late wife perfectly replicated, but her sharp tongue is as well.


Kazuno has the ability to control gravity, allowing her to use unconventional weapons to attack enemies (i.e. using super compressed asphalt to attack an El Azul unit made of durable metal alloys). She has also demonstrated that she can use this ability to weaken or disarm slow-moving projectiles like heavy artillery by applying her ability on it.


  • Kazuno's powers to control gravity is supposed to be a reference to Kawakami's Owari no Chronicle, wherein robots possess a certain degree of power that allows control over gravity.
  • Her name is derived from Tadakatsu Honda's famous deer-antler helmet (鹿角脇立兜, Shikatsuno wakidate kabuto) he wears in battle. This fact is reinforced with the armored ornament she wears on the head, which is shaped like deer woods, and the plates which cover some parts of her hair are of the same type as Tadakatsu's armor, acting as the basics of a helmet.

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