"With the Testament in our world, all outcomes are filled with justice! We do as the Testament dictates! We make decisions based upon the Testament! Tes! Tes! Tes!"
— K.P.A. Italia students.

K.P.A. Italia is the Harmonic Divine State that is ruled by Italy which took the name of the Aki Province. It's localizated in the region nearby of the Seto Inland Sea. K.P.A. Scuola is the country's main academy.

KPAItalia Uniform.jpg

Refers to the Union of the Aki States (Hiroshima) + United Italian Cities. The country located in the Setouchi area. The Pope-Chancellor, Innocentius, is the head of the Old School (Catholicism), and a believer in the religion.

Currently has custody of the Mortal Sin Armament Staseis Porneia (Embodiment of Lust); Innocentius is its owner. The country was given the first Testamenta ArmaFides” (Faith).

Noted Characters[edit | edit source]

K.P.A. Scuola[edit | edit source]

  • Chancellor's Board
    • Chancellor: Innocentius
    • Vice-Chancellor: Dousetsu Tachibana
    • 1st Special Duty: Motoyoshi Murakami
    • 2nd Special Duty: Galileo

Other Noted Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Olympia
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