The Jizurisuzaku (地摺朱雀, Earth-splitting Suzaku) is Naomasa's custom God of War which she uses for combat. It is considered to be the "pride and joy" of the Musashi Engineering Club.

It is made up of different parts scavenged from Gods of War destroyed in previous battles and weighs about 10 tons. Unlike most Gods of War, which require a human controller, Naomasa is able to control the Jizurisuzaku remotely by using her Mouse, which is assimilated inside the God of War in her behalf. Later, is revealed that the real one controlling Suzaku is Naomasa little sister, assimilated by Suzaku just before her death.

Unlike the Gods of War present in Testament Union armies, the Jizurisuzaku is a melee unit which utilizes two large wrenches as weapons. Also, with the absence of an internal combustion system to help navigate itself into the battlefield, it is launched into battle in an unusual way: using two derricks in the Musashi to fire it into the air like a slingshot.

Despite the lack of most features of a modern God of War, the Jizurisuzaku is a capable anti-unit fighter, although it has a clear disadvantage against ranged combat and against better-equipped Gods of War.

During Suzaku's first fight against Michiyukibyakko, Fusae Era concludes that Suzaku is just a fake of one of the Four Divine Gods, God of War at the level of Divine Weapons, but during the second fight the reason why Suzaku never awakened its true abilities was revealed. As Naomasa sister was the one acting as a living OS as the original one was malfunctioning, the original capabilities of Suzaku didn't surfaced, but once Michiyukibyakko attacked while Naomasa's little sister was still functioning as the OS, the original Jizurisuzaku OS booted up, as a form of self-defense. Similarly to Michiyukibyakko which has a distinct ability to create a “path”, Jizurisuzaku has a distinct ability to make its surroundings a “sky”. At the last moment, when that ability was activated, the “path” from Michiyukibyakko was overwritten with the “sky”, causing Byakko to fall and lose.