Hexagone Française (六護式仏蘭西; エグザゴン・フランセーズ) is the Harmonic Divine State that is ruled by the France that took the name of the Mōri clan. It's localizated in the Chūgoku region. École de Paris is the main academic institution. It is the third destination of the main cast of Musashi.

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A country on the Western Honshu, is under an absolute monarchy at the time of the story. The “Hexagone” (六護式) in the country’s name comes from the fact that the country is shaped like a hexagon. The main academic institution is the Ecole de Paris. Its uniforms are very flashy and, following the renaissance movement from Italy, the lifestyles of the citizenry are becoming more and more secular. As such, it is reflected in the country, now the forefront of fashion. The people are not very stiff or religious, and armaments and knights are becoming less common.

This Harmonic Divine State has custody of the Mortal Sin Armaments Phuos Kenodoxia (Growth of Vanity) and Phuos Hyperēphania (Growth of Pride), with Mouri Terumoto and Louis Exiv as the respective owners. The state is also given the fourth Testamenta ArmaPrudentitia” (Prudence).

Noted Characters[edit | edit source]

École de Paris[edit | edit source]

  • Chancellor's Board
    • Chancellor: Louis Exiv
    • Vice-Chancellor: Turenne
    • 1st Special Duty: Henri of the Three Musketeers
    • 2nd Special Duty: Armand of the Three Musketeers
    • 3rd Special Duty: Isaac of the Three Musketeers
    • 4th Special Duty: Motokiyo Mouri
    • 5th Special Duty: Motoharu Mouri
    • 6th Special Duty: Takakage Mouri
  • Student Council
    • Student Council President: Terumoto Mouri
    • Vice President: Luynes
    • Secretary: Motokiyo Mouri
    • Treasurer: Mazarin
  • Officials of IZUMO
    • Yuu Izumo
    • Mitsu
    • Horizon's Mother

Other Noted Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Anne D'Autriche
  • the former Motokiyo Mouri
  • Motonari Mouri
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