A Harmonic Divine State (重奏神州, Juusou Shinshuu) is a country originally established in a landmass created above the Divine States called the Harmonic Realm. The Harmonic Divine States were originally created in accordance to history recreation initiated by the Testament Union, and they represent specific countries which were present during the time of the old world.

The reproduction of the Nanboku-cho War during the 14th Century TE caused the destruction of the Harmonic Realm. After a large-scale conflict between the inhabitants of the Divine States and the Harmonic Realm, these countries were relocated to areas located throughout the Divine States, causing the remaining territories (now called as the Far East) to be put under provisional rule.

List of Harmonic Divine States[edit | edit source]

Name Country Feudal Clan Leader
England England N/A Elizabeth
Hexagone Française France Mouri Clan Louis Exiv
K.P.A. Italia Italy N/A Innocentius
M.H.R.R. Holy Roman Empire Hashiba Family Rudolf II
P.A. ODA Ottoman Empire Oda Clan Nobunaga Oda
Qing-Takeda China Takeda Clan Yoshitsune Kurou Minamoto
Sviet Rus Russia Uesugi Clan Kagekatsu Uesugi
Tres España Spain Oouchi Family and Ootomo Clan Felipe Segundo
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