Fusahide Era (江良 房栄, Era Fusahide), also called as Fusae by her colleagues, is a student of Alcalá de Henares and is part of the school's student council as its 2nd Special Agent. She is also the head of the school's track and field club and the wife of Takakane Hironaka. She is the owner of the God of War Michiyukibyakko.

Aside from inheriting the name of Fusahide Era from Japanese history, she is also given the name of Álvaro de Bazán, who in Spanish history is one of the many admirals of the Spanish navy. During the Battle of Lepanto, she and her husband perished, and she currently lives as a ghost.

At first glance, Fusahide appears to be a gentle character. However, she is in fact quite a sharp person, with the capability to create effective strategies in battle and command armies. Aside from this, she is also a capable fighter as well, whether by herself or when using the Heavy-type God of War Michiyukibyakko.