Flores Valdes (フローレス・バルデス, Furooresu Barudesu) is a citizen of Tres España and a student of its academy Alcalá de Henares. She is also a member of the school's Chancellor's Board as its 5th Special Agent. Flores is a specialist in abilities which focus on softball pitching and, with her older brother Pedro, is called as the "Four Balls of Death" (死四球, Shishikyuu).

Although naive and innocent, she acts cold to her brother.


  • Ability: El fuego de St. Elmo (Spanish, lit., "St. Elmo's Fire") - The special ability of the Valdes siblings, which focuses on boosting the destructive power of their explosive projectiles, allowing the balls they pitch to teleport through obstacles such as enemy shields.


  • Flores' Handle Name, "Elmo" (えるも) has the word "burn" (もえる, moeru, written with kanji as 燃える) as its anagram.