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"We have already been punished by the Testament Union! We must carry the possibilities of our king and the emotions of our princess! But we must never give our king or princess cause for grief!"
— Far East students.

The Far East (極東, Kyokutō, lit., "the Far East") is one of the Harmonic Divine States. It is currently ruled by the Matsudaira Clan, and is composed of the Kantou region and a region south of Tokyo on the Pacific Ocean side. The capital city of the Far East is Mikawa.

The primary academy of the Far East is the Musashi Ariadust Academy, located in the independent territory of Musashi.

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Harmonic Unification War, the Far East was called as the Divine States (神州, Shinshuu). At this period, the Divine States occupied most of the land of Japan, while a copy of the Divine States, the Harmonic Realm, was constructed for the rest of the human population.

In 1412 TE, the War of the Southern and Northern Courts in the Divine States caused considerable damage to the mechanisms that keep the Harmonic Realm afloat, and it caused a cataclysmic collision between the Divine States and the Harmonic Realm. Parts of the Harmonic Realm were later merged with the Divine States.

Map of the Divine States and their important locations.

The incident that caused the merge between the two realms were blamed at the inhabitants of the Divine States, and the people of the Harmonic Realm began to populate the Divine States. A war soon erupted between the two sides, later called as the Harmonic Unification War, and it left the Harmonic Realm victorious.

After the war, the Divine States were split amongst the Harmonic Divine States, and a small portion was allotted for the Divine States, whose name was later changed to the Far East. The establishment of the Testament Union would later place the Far East under provisional rule.

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