Elves (長寿族, Choujuu-zoku, lit., "Long-life Clan") or the Long-lived is a race of beings who are gifted with lifespans that far exceed that of a normal human, both physically and spiritually. Their main distinguishable trait is their long ears, which they cover using a variety of accessories. Their ability to live for up to a thousand years makes them important people in the system of History Recreation adopted by the Testament Union, as they can inherit many names and hold influential positions thanks to their extended lifespans.


Elves are known for their elegance, higher power output, agility and slower aging process of their bodies. Some elfs have a lifespan that even lengthen to thousands years, even if the extend of this varies depending on the Elf kind, aging slower the more pure their blood is.

They originally came from a single bloodline, the Pure Blood Elves (純血系,  Junketsu-kei), which eventually branches out into different types of elf, which includes the Far Eastern Elf (極東系 Kyokutou-kei), European Elf (欧州系, Oushū-kei), Mountain Elf (山岳系, Sangaku-kei) and Forest Elf (森林系, Shinrin-kei) varieties.

This mixing of bloodlines, especially with humans, also creates halfblood elves or Half-Elves (半寿族, Hanjijuu-zoku), which inherit the longevity of an elf, although only mentally and not to the degree of a Pure Blood Elf. There are also the mutation known as the Demonic Elves (鬼型, Oni-gata) who despite having a half-human, half-elven bloodline have the thick skin, large build with other physical features and combat capabilities of the Archdemon races.

The Elves were a very common race during the Gempei War (1180–1185), but after the end of the Kamakura period (1185-1333) and the coming of the Sengoku period their numbers dropped dramatically till the current age.

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