The El Azul (猛鷲(エル・アゾゥル), Moushuu, lit., "Ferocious Eagle") is a heavy-type aerial-class God of War used by the forces of Tres España, produced by San Mercado.


El Azul d
El Azul is composed of a bulky white body with red armor (called "vestido" (Spanish for "dress"), two cross-shaped legs and four cross-shaped wings; its overall height is 10 meters. Its head is considerably small compared to the rest of the body, and its eagle's-head-like shape is considered to be the reason behind the El Azul's name.

The design of the El Azul was made without the consideration of it being used on land, as the El Azul is originally designed for aerial purposes. Despite the stilt-like legs given to the God of War, however, it is possible for the pilot to use the legs for mobility on land, using its aerial propulsion system to skim the ground, without physically walking.

The El Azul is launched into the air using a Molla Benzina, a specialized vessel that uses springs to drive the El Azul forward, a system they adopted from K.P.A. Italia. When launched, the El Azul's wings act as the unit's propulsion system; these wings allow the God of War to change directions easily.



  • El Azul is probably named for its blue parts, which are later changed to red in the anime series to be easily distinguished as units of Tres España.