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An automaton (自動人形, Jidou Ningyou, lit., "automated doll") called Belle de Marionette (ベル・デ・マリオネッタ, Beru de marionetta) by Hexagone Française, is a race of mechanical beings which possess souls inside their bodies. They are commonly distinguished for their inability to express their emotions through facial expressions, their extreme logical thinking, and their servitory instinct.


Automatons are most often artificially created, with the soul either artificially created as well or a soul extracted from a dead person. This soul is compressed into a small marble-sized ball that can be placed anywhere in the automaton (for example, Kazuno's soul orb is located on her tongue, while Horizon's is located in her throat).

The anatomy of an automaton is only similar to the human body on the outside, with a surface that imitates the look and feel of human skin, but they also have certain functions available in humans as well (a digestive system, for example). Aside from this, they also have additional functions like heat management and others. Automatons can also be programmed to share memories with each other like computers in a network (for example, "Musashi" and the other eight captains of the Musashi).

Like machines, automatons are powered by ether, and has the ability to absorb ether from the air, allowing continuous operation without any charging needed.

If the body of an automaton is damaged or destroyed, it is still possible to undergo repairs to the body or relocate the soul inside to another automaton body. Also, the soul can be extracted from the body at any time without any harm done to the soul or the automaton. However, any damage that the soul would receive is irreversible, and excessive temperatures would also severely damage the automaton.

Commonly, automatons can acquire the skills from a soul that has been integrated into it. Kazuno retains her cooking skills after her soul was transferred into an automaton body, for example. Also, all automatons have the ability to manipulate gravity.


  • The existence of automatons originated from the 3rd G in Owari no Chronicle. The 3rd G contained the concept of metals having the functionalities of a living being's cell and possessing the ability to manipulate gravity.


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