An academy (教導院, Kyoudouin, lit., "chief educational institution") is an institution which acts as both a school and a military training center. Students who attend these institutions are entitled to have the privilege of participating in political and military affairs as stated in the rules of the Testament Union, and because of this, such academies are heavily supported by their respective countries.

Organization[edit | edit source]

Academies are led by a school president, whose duties are separate to those of the Student Council and the Supreme Federation. He is then assisted by the Student Council and the Supreme Federation, which are given the responsibilities of student affairs and military affairs respectively.

Student Council[edit | edit source]

The Student Council of an academy is tasked with the duties of ensuring the peace and order within the academy, and this includes mediating whenever a confrontation between students occur. The Student Council is composed of the Student Council President and Vice-President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.

Supreme Federation[edit | edit source]

An academy's Supreme Federation holds the responsibility of maintaining good relations with other academies and ensuring the peace and order on their respective state. The Supreme Federation has a higher extent of power than the Student Council, one which extends to the whole state itself. The Supreme Federation is made up of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor and a number of Special Agents, each of which hold specific responsibilities.

List of Academies[edit | edit source]

Harmonic Divine State Academy

Far East

Musashi Ariadust Academy

K.P.A. Italia

K.P.A. Scuola

Tres España

Alcalá de Henares


Oxford Academy

Hexagone Française

École de Paris






Juéluó Academy

Sviet Russia

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