"Musashi" is the automaton that acts as the captain of the Musashi and the superior commander of the eight ships which makes up the Musashi.


"Musashi" is a woman with dark blue hair and turquoise eyes. Her hair is arranged on a ponytail, and her forelocks are neatly separated in the middle, with both locks equal in length. Her attire is similar to a maid's outfit, consisting of a dress with puffed shoulders, long sleeves, and a skirt that balloons outward. The attire of "Musashi", like all of her subordinates, have a dominant blue and white color scheme.


"Musashi" shares the usual personality traits of an automaton: she is unable to portray emotions whether through voice or facial expressions, has perfect logical thinking, and has a considerably sharp tongue. Nothing much is known about her personality, but she is considered to be a flawless flying ship captain, able to work with her subordinates in protecting the ship from harm, whether by activating necessary defenses in time or escaping threats.

She often ends her sentences with the word ijou (以上), which translates to "over".

They have a ranking for people most useful: "In reference to our duties on the bridge, I would make the following ranking: Suzu-sama = Asama-sama > Adele-sama > Everyone Else > Neshinbara-sama > Chancellor. Over.” And as Asama asked why, "Mushashi" responds with: “You are always a huge help with the divine transmissions. Without you, we would lose most of the Musashi’s divine transmission support, which would place a larger burden on us. When Suzu-sama is on the bridge, we can fulfill our maid roles as automatons and her sensory support reduces the burden on us. Adele-sama helps guide the ship. As for the others…"

“●Neshinbara-sama: His pessimistic assumptions and forceful course instructions are quite dangerous.

“●Chancellor: In the way, lifts our skirts, nudist, sleeps, plays porn games on the bridge monitors, etc.


  • Racial Ability: Gravity Manipulation - "Musashi", like most automatons, gain the ability to control gravitational forces. She can use it in a variety of ways, including redirection of gravity in a particular area, manipulating shielding Sign Frames in protecting the ship, or activating the ship's gravitational acceleration mode to travel across vast distances within minimal time.